Friday, November 25, 2011

First International Bowwow #Doggie #Film #Festival

Ready for my close-up. 
     …the International Bowwow Doggie Film Festival in San Francisco invited dogs and their ownerts to attend a full-day program including a family-friendly matinee, a dog parade, prizes, and live adoptions. Ticket proceeds benefit Muttville, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of senior dogs                          
           A photograph was taken of all the dogs in the audience.  Participants were given treats from Nate’s Nibbles and shampoo from Earth Bath.
          Sniff! The Movie, starring Amanda Plummer, and Pound!, a satirical look at shelter life, were screened.                                                                                                                                              COMMENT: no word on how the theater’s rugs fared with all the dogs in attendance.

     “A composite dog is a dog that's made up of all the valuable qualities that's in the dog breed--kind of a syndicate; and a mongrel is made up of the riffraff that's left over.” - Mark Twain in Eruption from "His Grandfather's Old Ram" speech

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