Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Wouldn't no underwear allow for a better sniff?

During a review of “In Defence of Dogs,” a book by John Bradshaw that counters the argument that dogs need to be dominated because they were wolves (not true any longer) and has this odd analogy:  “It's a short step from here to the first media-star dog trainers such as command-barkers Barbara Woodhouse and Victoria Stilwell. Woodhouse, who could have trained and shown Paris Hilton and Amy Winehouse, operated on the principle that the only good dog was a thoroughly cowed dog.”                                                                        My reaction: No one could have or did train either woman.  Imagine waking up in the morning and ordering Hilton to put on her panties if she wanted to go commando (pantyless) for photographers that day.  Would Woodhouse be successful?                                                                   Similarly, if Woodhouse said to Winehouse, “Down, Amy, no drugs today,” would she have been obeyed?  I think not.                                               Some humans go through phases when they simply cannot be trained.
    “I like driving around with my two dogs, especially on the freeways. I make them wear little hats so I can use the car-pool lanes.”  Monica Piper

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