Friday, September 16, 2011

#Gizmo: the #one-#man #dog

I can't help it: I am in love with my family.
    Before she left us for her flight to Oakland, Hollie, who took care of Gizmo for five days, wanted to take him on one more walk.  She returned nearly in tears: Now that we were home, Gizmo refused to be walked by anyone other than his beloved, immediate family members.
     He sat down in the toad and refused to move.  When she convinced him to get up on his feet, he turned and yanked on the leash, demanding to go back home.
      She returned to our home feeling utterly defeated, unloved and under appreciated.  We made nice noises indicating that, if we weren't there, Gizmo would appreciate walking with Hollie.
     Not so secretly, while trying to keep my reactions internal, I thought: Gizmo, the one-man dog.

“Breed a Boxer with a German Shorthaired Pointer, you get a Boxershorts. A dog never seen in public.”  #Good #Dog! Magazine

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