Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#Missing #Gizmo: for the #love of a #dog

He loves me.  And I love him.

       Coming up in a few hours: my last walk with Gizmo for a week because we are going away to Seattle and Vancouver for 8 days.  My feelings: will miss him.  My body will miss the exercise.  My mind the stimulation of trying to continue to control him and listening to public radio on my IPod:  John Oliver and his partner on The Bugle, Le Show, Left, Right and Center, the Best of the Left, Planet Money, and This American Life – all free, all fascinating.   And, at a deep emotional level, I will miss my companion and friend, Gizmo, who is always up and positive for his walks, who knows that this is THE BEST of his day, and maybe his life.  It is time to admit that I love Gizmo.
      “At times, I think that I can see her turn her head and look back at the ghost of the wolf mother she parted from long ago, saying, “See, it was a good bet after all; they’re nice to me, mostly.”  Then she waits by the door for the next member of the circle she has insinuated herself into to come back to the hearth and seal the basic social contract common to all things that breathe and feel and gaze: love given for promises kept.  How does anyone live without a dog?  I can’t imagine.”  Adam Gopnik, “Dog Story,” New Yorker, August 8, 2011, writing about Butterscotch, a Havanese puppy adopted by the family.  

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