Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chloe: #hero #dog

Benny, Daphne and Chloe, the hero
Benny rewards Daphne & Chloe

      My friend, former college roommate, theatrical director, TV producer, author, actor and college professor, Bob Benedetti, has two rescued dogs named Chloe and Daphne.  Both were shy when they were adopted, possibly because of owner cruelty.  This is the story of how Chloe became a hero:
     “Yesterday our dogs disappeared during lunch -- they usually come and watch us eat -- but we thought nothing of it.   I knew they were in the back yard.
     After more than an hour, I was at my desk when Chloe came running in wiggling and whimpering with great excitement. I ignored her, but a few minutes later she was back.  She'd run to the doorway, and turn back and whimper at me.
      This looked like a classis Lassie "come quick, Robbie fell into the well" routine, so I let her lead me outside. 
     At the back of our new shed, where it is only a foot from the coyote fence, Daphne had dug a big hole and had squeezed herself under the shed (I suspect there were mice in the crawl space, which is only one foot high.)   She was peeking out at me, unable to get out. Chloe was frantic.   
      I dug around the hole a bit and reached down and grabbed her collar and helped her struggle out.
     Tomorrow I will fence in the access to this space at both ends.
    Chloe was a hero!
       “Clinton's pet Labrador, Buddy, is getting neutered. The dog will never have sex again. Overnight, they've turned Buddy from a Democrat into a Republican.”                  Jay Leno

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