Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K-9 reporter with two stories by Ginny Weissman, who rescues #dogs

I like Ginny, but then I like anyone who saves my life. 

       From our dog’s Godmother, Ginny Weissman, the woman who found him for us and saved him on the day he was to be put down by the pound:        “Here’s a link to the February issue of the e-zine K-9 Reporter and a PDF is attached which you can download.

I have two articles featured in the February issue. One on the Pet Ministry I started at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert that is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary this Sunday and one on the book, I just published, Saved: Cancer, Katrina Dogs and Me by Anne Gurchick.
          The Norwegian Lundehund was bred for hunting puffins.  The world was once threatened by puffins.”  Paula Poundstone  

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