Thursday, December 22, 2011

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I am only possessed with a love for you.

#Demon Dog: New Yorker Claims Her Toy Poodle Was Possessed                                                                                          A NEW YORK artist is selling a $197 pendant because she claims her poodle was inhabited by a demonic spirit.
New York artist Olga Horvat started designing demon-deterring accessories after she adopted Princess, a pure-bred toy poodle that she credits -- or blames -- for literally tearing her life into pieces.
Horvat claims that soon after Princess arrived in her home, bad luck befell the family, including a bedbug infestation that led to $7,000 in exterminator fees from her co-op as well as legal fees to fight an eviction.
In addition, her husband was in a serious car accident and came down with a rare autoimmune disease called Churg-Strauss Syndrome. Then Horvat's daughter was almost expelled from second grade for offending classmates with an action that was perceived to be bigoted when she put on a rubber glove then grabbed the bare hand of a Muslim friend -- an action the child blames on a strange voice she heard in her head.
COMMENT:  The strange voice should have said, “Stop playing with rubber gloves.”
Meanwhile, Princess herself suffered a broken leg that did not respond well to treatment.   Horvat says her family's misfortunes are all linked to the tiny white pooch that just happened to be possessed.   "We had her May through September in 2006 -- and she didn't want to eat, sleep and she couldn't be trained to learn simple commands," Horvat told HuffPost Weird News. "She was happy, but something was manipulating her."
Sadly, Princess died four months after coming into Horvat's life when she mysteriously fell down some stairs while she was staying with someone else.
COMMENT: Did Princess FALL down the stairs, or was she PUSHED??
HORVAT believes that a dog whose ears point up is more prone to possession than one with floppy ears, perhaps "because the spirit can get in there easier," she said.
COMMENT: I believe that people with large behinds are more likely to be possessed because it is easier for the devil to find them.
Now, Horvat is trying to prevent similar catastrophes from happening to other pets and humans by selling "energy shield pendants" that supposedly block electromagnetic energy and evil spirits. The pendants for humans cost $197 each while the pet versions are $11 cheaper.
COMMENT: Not recommended for dogs named Satan.
“A hungry dog hunts best.   Lee Trevino

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