Thursday, August 25, 2011

#Calm a #dog during #thunder: help needed

Can't you protect me from the thunderstorm?

Finally, at the end of a somewhat vicious drought, we got some rain in Santa Fe, NM.  Along with it came lightning and some rather loud thunder.
Our last dog, the normal-sized Shih Tzu named Beowulf, was caught with us in the storm-shelter basement of our home in Michigan as a tornado roared close to the house.  Ever since that time of holding the dog, trying to comfort him, while being very nervous ourselves, we had a dog that was inconsolably afraid of thunderstorms: Beo would tremble, try to hide under the bed, etc.
With Gizmo, we try to be there for him during the thunder, although we now believe it is better to let him find his own places of repose, usually under our bed or my desk.  If he requests it, we gently pet him while trying to stay calm ourselves. 
Grace is advocating for getting some doggie tranquilizers, in case the thunder terrors get too much for him.  I say, no, let nature take its course.  What do you think?  Tranqs or petting?  Chemicals or “There, there”?

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