Friday, January 6, 2012

Another reason to microchip our dogs:

I have a microchip.  I think you should also be Microchipped .

Dog lost for five years found in Berkeley, returned to Central Valley   Contra Costa
                 Ann and Craig Magnussen and their two teenage daughters were reunited two days before Christmas with a Chihuahua they lost five years ago. The little guy, named Taz, showed up in the parking lot of the Berkeley Bowl on Dec. 23, a bit dirty and disheveled.
             A produce clerk asked longtime customers Dan and Katy McMullan, who have a Chihuahua of their own, to look after the dog. The couple took him within hours to the Berkeley Animal Care Services, where a microchip scan revealed his true owners and their phone number.
                  "My heart was beating so fast -- I couldn't believe it was happening," Ann Magnussen said, remembering the call she received from the animal shelter. "This is the absolutely the craziest thing I ever heard."
              Magnussen called her daughters, who were just 11 and 13 when Taz went missing on Dec. 1, 2006. "They just started screaming, they were so happy," she said.
                She said husband Craig got in the car so fast to head to Berkeley, he forgot his wallet. Hours later, Taz was back at home with the family's two other Chihuahuas, Tyson, 11, and the most recent addition to the family, Zoey, 2.
"We're a Chihuahua factory over here," she said.
                Magnussen said Taz responds to his name when called, even though he's been gone longer than he was with them.    
                 Taz was just 2 when he and Tyson got out of the yard of a home the family was renting while building a new house.
                The owners may never know what happened to Taz or how many people have had him since 2006. Who knows whether he was stolen or just taken by a good-natured passer-by who didn't know to check for a microchip.   "He was fed well, a little bit dirty but had no fleas," Magnussen said. "I try to give them the benefit of the doubt."
      “If you want sex, have an affair. If you want a relationship, buy a dog.
”  Julia Burchill

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