Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#Dogs #read us well: #Gizmo knows and #Buddah saying

I found my place under this wooden cabinet, and I'm going to stay here
       Before I go out for a couple of hours, I take Gizmo out to the back yard for a quick relief of urine.  But Gizmo reads me well: perhaps it was because I wasn’t carrying a leash, didn’t have my IPod on my ears or was wearing a hat. 
     Whatever it was, he walked out slowly as if he was going to the electric chair, instead of desperately running, and sat at the end of the patio. Then, when I opened the door and started to go inside, he went directly under an old wooden cabinet we have out there.  And refused to move.  
      I called his name, I said it louder and said, “HERE.”  No movement.  I put my foot under the cabinet, but he just moved deeper inside.  

      Finally, I stood inside the house and in no uncertain terms said, “Gizmo, HERE, NOW.”  He slowly emerged from under the cabinet and slowly, resignedly walked inside.   He knew two things from the moment I opened the door: going outside was merely a short, cheating walk and, when I left, he would not be going with me.
     “A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.” Buddha


  1. I'm such a dog lover, I feel every pain they experience and the guilt that goes along with not taking them everywhere you go. They do indeed read us well.

  2. I agree completely: notice that they know the meaning of your shoes: which means they go out with you and which shoe indicates that you are leaving them at home. They read our faces, our clothing (which hats we wear), etc. and their facial expression changes, generally to make us feel even more guilty about leaving them at home. Alone.

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