Sunday, March 27, 2011

When druggists are too smart:

          During dinner at a fine local fish (and martini) restaurant) Marty, a former judge, told the story of his dog. 
A visit to the veterinarian indicated that the dog needed a steroid, prednisone.   Marty asked if it was the same pill given to humans and the vet said, yes, it was, only it was much more expensive when given to dogs.
Being a frugal buyer, Marty figured he’d pick up the prescription at a local drug store and attempt to charge it through his medical insurance.
           He went to druggist, claimed that it was for his son and presented his medical drug insurance card. 
 After looking at his computer, the druggist said, “I see, sir, and your son is named Rags?” 
Marty did not get the prescription through his medical insurance. 

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