Friday, March 25, 2011

Gizmo Diary: from Abandoned Pound Puppy to Precious Pet

        He is our dog, but much more than that: he filled a hole in our lives we didn’t know we had or needed or wanted to fill.
         Gizmo was identified as a Shih Tzu by a vet.  At 30+ pounds, he is twice the size of any Shih Tzu that ever lived.  We call him Super Shih Tzu or Steroid Shih Tzu.
         His coloring is caramel and white with black strands on his ears and a short, but not push-in snout that looks less like a Shih Tzu than small terrier of unidentified heritage.
         His attitude is almost always gentle and joyous offering us great, bounding love and quiet looks of adoration.  He seldom barks and will whimper when approaching birds or a realistic statue of a dog, an indication that he might not be the smartest dog that ever lived.  He is cute enough to survive.
         We know little about his life before we took him in on a temporary basis when he was a year and a month old.

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