Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Gizmo Taught Me # 3

Now I am usually a positive guy, usually on the possible good things that could happen no matter how dire events may seem.  I am not a Pollyanna because of my years as a newspaper and wire report.  I have learned that most people lie, that nice folks can do horrible things to others, that governments can lead us into unnecessary wars and become heroes to large segments of the population.  I know that evil is amongst us and it has nothing to do with the devil.  Evil is just there, foisted on an unprepared and unknowing population by those who want to do evil in the name of religion, patriotism or their own insistent madness.
Knowing that, I continue to wake up each morning feeling blessed with a new day, new possibilities and a chance to renew and exceed the pleasures of the day before. 
But that paled in comparison with the way this dog, this allegedly lesser being, greeted the day and the walk we were having.
Gizmo pranced.  He pranced when all around him lurked danger: bigger dogs, swerving cars, an inattentive owner.  He pranced because life was good, because he was OUT, because shortly there would be a dog to greet, a perfect place to pee or shit, and life would be very good indeed.
And I thought: with all my sometimes hard-won positive outlook, Gizmo had surpassed me.  I could simply observe him and learn something.
I picked up the pace, nearly equaling his.  I did a lesser version of a human prance.  Life not only could be good, it WAS good and that was to be celebrated.

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."
--Andrew A. Rooney

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